Mitchel Loveless II       Shooting Instruction

Book a Clinic at Your Gun Club

Thank you for the interest you’ve expressed in hosting one of my clinics at your gun club. The two day clinic covers singles, handicap, and doubles. The first day covers basic fundamentals and you will be shooting singles. The second day you will shoot handicap and doubles.  A minimum of 8 shooters is required and a maximum of 10 shooters, to let everyone receive personal attention.  Expect to shoot approximately 10 to 12 rounds per day. The amount of rounds will vary depending on the size and experience of the class (you can never bring too many shells). Targets and shells are the shooter’s responsibility. The start time each day is 9:00 AM and we will finish around 5:00 PM. I’m always willing to go longer if there is someone wanting to keep shooting. The gun club will receive payment directly for all target cost. Please ask the gun club contact if shells will be available for purchase during the clinic. The gun club contact that handles sign-up & deposits will receive a 10% commission. The cost for the two day clinic is $350 per shooter or $250 for one day. Youth shooter and youth team rates are available.

The first day starts at 9:00 AM with a one-on-one discussion with each shooter. Please fill out the shooter information sheet before you arrive. Then we will immediately take the field and I will video each shooter. I want to capture your current shooting style / technique before the classroom discussion. Each shooter will be videoed several times throughout the clinic. After everyone has been videoed, we will return to the clubhouse to review the footage and discuss the positive and/or the things that need attention.

The second day starts at 9:00 AM with a warm up round of singles. I’ll video each shooter during the warm up round to see how much was retained from the previous day. We will have a short review, and then go into handicap & doubles. My goal is not to drastically change your style. Without a doubt, there are methods and styles of shooting that have been proven successful. However, I want to give you some tools and make suggestions to help you improve your game. It’s your decision as to which ones you decide to use and what changes you’re willing to make to succeed!